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AdriaGUIDE Međimurje
Ruđera Boškovića 2, ČAKOVEC 

 Experience Međimurje

It is just enough to slightly open the door of the corner of Croatia most connected with Europe, in wich the Alps bathe their icy fingertips in the long ago vanished Pannonian Sea.
In this flower garden, kind and industrious people will greet you with a smile on their faces, a traditional tune on their lips and a warm fragrance of traditional meals from baker`s ovens an wines from the old cellars on the sunny hills od Wine roads.

Experience the pleasures of thousands of emotions still hidden within the still rocking cradles of old handicrafts od Međimurje villages, the historic centres behind the walls of the Old town of Čakovec, Saint Helen`s Paulist monastery in Šenkovec, the Feštetić castle in Pribislavec...in which the captured souls of our ancestors, nobles, counts and the Zrinski family knights still wander.

Listren to the afternoon tower bells of the Saint Jerome church in Štrigova, baroque church of Saint Jacob in Prelog, Saint Nikola church in Čakovec, which call Međimurje inhabitants back from vineyards, orchards, fields, scented flowery meadows, woods and forests. 

Dive into the turquoise Mura and admire the blueness of the heavenly fields that lower down the colorful rainbow ladder, which quenches its thirst under the Drava bridge. Spread the white sails on the vast surface of two blue eyes - the two lakes on the Drava river.

Inhale the freshness of the shade while riding a bicycle or walking along the secetive paths of the Mura woods streaked by river bends and small canals swarming with life that is hardly louder than the sound of the watermill in Žabnik.

At dusk, soak your tired body in the water of the swimming-pools in Čakovec and Sveti Martin that once used to be helaing the spirit and wounds of the Roman soldiers who found an oasis of peace after long battles right here in Međimurje.

Enjoy the local gastronomic delicacies of our county, that we offer you with all our hearts in the warmth of small traditional restaurants and inns that you will find during your curious wandwring through archeological, historical, sports, recreational and ethnic paths and landscapes of our corner of the country. 

Let the breath of the divine beauty of our region enter every pore of your soul that will burn with the desire for returning to the unforgettable Međimurje.


Other events
Mausoleum of Zrinski familly
In St. Hellen, nowdays known as Šenkovec, Zrinski familly built themselves a mausoleum.
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Picture Gallery
Picture Gallery
Tourist Board of Međimurje visited BELA NEDEJA in Kastav
AdriaGUIDE Međimurje
Tourism board of Međimurje started with a project Cycle in a network
Other news
Cheese rolls

2 kg cow*s milk cheese
200 g wheat grits
4 eggs
180 g grease
100 g breadcrumps

-put wheat grits,eggs and grease into cow*s milk cheese
-mix all together and make smal rolls and put into salted boiling water
-when it*s cooked roll them into bread crumps( wich are baked on grese before)

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